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environmental racism, environmental justice, redlining

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in this editorial the authors reference academic articles supporting the existence of environmental racism & on behalf of the Journal EHP, the authors explain to their readers the importance of addressing race and ethnicity appropriately.
"When considering racial or ethnic differences in health or exposure risks, authors must also... ...explore how racism underpins social, economic, and environmental disparities that influence health..."
"...we urge investigators to disaggregate race and ethnicity data to the fullest extent possible in health disparities research. Inappropriately collapsing racial/ethnic groups masks important variation in environmental exposures and health, and it results in the erasure of certain subpopulations in data collection, analysis, and reporting (Urban Indian Health Institute 2021). Importantly, the absence of data does not imply that disparities in exposures and health do not exist."


Kaufman J, Hajat A. Confronting Environmental Racism. Environmental Health Perspectives, 129:5, Online publication date: 20-May-2021.




Joel Kaufman and Anjum Hajat

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