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Environmental Justice, Health Disparities, Respiratory Illness, Elemental Carbon, Diesel Exhaust, Black Carbon, CleanAirNow, Air Pollution, Legacy Contamination, Asthma, Community Monitoring, Citizen Science

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Case example of how local air monitors capture pollution data at high resolution -- where regulatory monitors have not captured this information


Diesel Health Project. Argentine/Turner Diesel Exhaust Air Pollution Monitoring Final ReportA Report by Global Community Monitor for theArgentine/Turner Good Neighbor Committee and theDiesel HealthProject. 2015


The Argentine RailYard, operated by Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway, issituated south of the KansasRiver. The BNSF facility is a 780­acrerailyard with 60sorting tracks and a diesel engine maintenance shop. Each day, the facility connects and disconnects approximately 2000 freight cars to diesel engines for cross ­country transportation of freight. With support by the DieselHealthProject, Global CommunityMonitor, Kansas SierraClub and community organizer Richard Mabion, and with funding from the Kresge Foundation, the Argentine/Turner Good Neighbor Committee conducted a community air monitoring project to measure the amount of diesel exhaust pollution in neighborhoods bordering the BNSF Argentine RailYard.The Good Neighbor Committee conducted monitoring for approximately 15 months.Over that period of time they monitored air quality in the yard of many homes, collecting47 samples that were analyzed for ElementalCarbon (EC), a marker for diesel exhaust pollution.


Diesel Health Project (now known as CleanAirNow)

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